Woman ambushed, robbed after pharmacy stop

Victim says robbers got away

HOUSTON - A 58-year-old Spring woman says was working and driving the same route she has for two years when she was ambushed and robbed.   

Brenda Beane delivers medical supplies to pharmacies in the Spring Branch area, where she was carjacked Tuesday.

"Never thought something like this would have happened," said Beane.

Beane said she was driving along Long Point Road when two men in a dark gray Chevy Suburban twice hit her car from behind. She pulled over and was about to get out and investigate when things got scary.

"He asked me if I was okay. I said, 'Yes.'  The next thing I know, I couldn't see anything because he was spraying me," she said.

Beane said the man shot pepper-spray into her eyes, forced her to the ground, got behind the wheel of her work vehicle and took off. 

Beane usually delivers supplies such as latex gloves and band-aids, but on this particular day, she had medication and some narcotics in her car.

"I had just delivered to one pharmacy and I just figured they followed me from that pharmacy," said Beane.

The two robbers got away and haven't been caught yet.

One stayed in the Suburban and he other drove off in Beane's car, the victim said.

Beane said she wasn't able to get a detailed description of the robbers, but said the suspect's dark gray Chevy Suburban had a paper license plate.

Houston police are investigating. 

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