Woman accuses cable repairman of assault

Woman accuses technician of touching and fondling her on Christmas

STAFFORD, Texas - A woman said a cable repairman touched her inappropriately in her Stafford home.

Cathy Callahan said it happened on Christmas day when a technician made a routine visit to fix her phone line. After working for about 20 minutes, he was leaving the house when she thanked him for coming out on a holiday.

Callahan said that's when the man fondled and touched her.

"I reached to shake his hand. When I reached to shake his hand, he lifted up my shirt," Callahan said.

She said the man also put her hand on his private parts.

She said she struggled and was able to push him down the hallway and out the front door.

"When he turned, I pushed the door and locked it," Callahan said.

She said her young son was in the house at the time.

Callahan said she tried to wash away the ordeal.

"I went in my shower and I scrubbed myself really hard to try to get him off me," she said.

Callahan said she waited almost two weeks to report the incident because the same technician had been to her house before and she was afraid he would come back and hurt her if he lost his job.

Stafford Police are calling the cause an assault and are investigating.

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