Woman accused of using sword to attack apartment complex residents

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

HOUSTON - Harris County Sheriff's Office investigators say a sword-wielding woman attacked two residents at the Stoneleigh Apartments in north Harris County Thursday night.

"It was a rhythmic whack, whack," said Karen Torres.

She says it took everything she had to keep 43-year-old Humera Mahmood out of her apartment. She said Mahmood spoke in Arabic, carried a ceremonial sword and was whacking at Torres' potted plants just outside her front door.

"I said to her, what are you doing? Big mistake!"  Torres said.

She says Mahmood then started swinging the sword, tore up her door and tried to get into the apartment.

Torres told Local 2, "There was a moment I was thinking I might die if that woman gets in here with that sword."

Torres says she fought back by using her hand to push the sword away and close her door.

"I met it, pushed her out and the sword out and managed to get the door shut and throw the bolts," she said.

She says Mahmood took a small palm tree and tried to use her sword to plant the small palm under a tree across the apartment complex parking lot. According to Torres, Mahmood then turned her attention to a woman and her child getting out of a car and heading to their apartment.

"She took some really bad injuries and slashes to the chest and stuff like that. She was really badly injured," Torres said.

She says a heroic neighbor wrestled the sword away.  Sheriff's deputies arrested Mahmood.

"She was Tasered and in handcuffs and she was still fighting," she said.

Torres' hand was bandaged with 11 stitches.

Mahmood faces two charges of aggravated assault.

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