Woman Accused Of Stealing From Children's Charity

GALVESTON, Texas - A woman has been accused of stealing thousands of dollars from a nonprofit children's organization.

The Rainbow Connection helps children suffering from cancer and rare blood disorders.

"I was heartbroken, mainly for our kids," said Catalina Castro of the Rainbow Connection. "It's not my money, it's our kids' money."

Lauren Simon was the treasurer of the Rainbow Connection. Galveston police said she stole more than $75,000.

"For days I said there must be an error," Castro said. "Maybe we were depositing the money into the wrong account."

Castro the group first learned there was a problem in when they learned they could not pay for a scheduled summer camp for the children in June.

"I realized there were some cash withdrawals," Castro said.

Detective Dion Watson said he discovered that Simon had spent the past three years withdrawing money from the organization's account and placing it into her own.

"Thousands at a time,"Watson said. "Her being treasurer, the bank didn't question it. She had that access, so with having that access she could go in and make those transactions," Watson said.

Police said she confessed, telling them that she and her husband were losing their house and racked up high medical bills.

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