Woman accused of stealing from blood bank

Angela McCracken accused of taking thousands from Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center

HOUSTON - A former payroll manager at the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center has admitted to stealing tens of thousands of dollars from the nonprofit organization, according to the Harris County court records.

Angela McCracken, 43, has been charged with theft from a nonprofit, a felony.

In probable cause court Wednesday, prosecutors alleged, "(McCracken) admitted to taking checks that were to be void, forging the endorsement and cashing them for her own personal benefit totaling $43,356."

The indictment alleges the theft occurred from Oct. 12, 2007 to Aug. 12, 2009.

McCracken began working at the nonprofit in 2007 and was fired as soon as allegations of theft surfaced in 2009, said Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center Chief Financial Officer Melissa Fisher.

 "It is disconcerting, but, again, we have reacted promptly," Fisher said.  "Thankfully, it did not impact our ability to meet our mission, which is to serve the patients of the Gulf Coast region with their blood needs.  These were not directly related to monetary donations or blood donations.  Anyone who wants to make a donation to the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center should be assured that it's being handled correctly and our focus again is to meet the needs of the patients in the Gulf Coast Region."

McCracken has posted $10,000 bond and is next scheduled to appear in court Dec. 3. 

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