Woman accused of attacking man over break-up

HOUSTON - Investigators are searching for a woman who went too far during a lover's spat.

Sade Perry, 26, has been charged with aggravated assault, a third-degree felony.

Harris County Precinct 3 deputy constables said Perry broke out six windows at her boyfriend's house after he told her he wanted to break up with her.

A neighbor said Perry also tried to run over her boyfriend with her car.

"He tried to jump into this yard and run," said the neighbor, who did not want to be identified. "After she didn't hit him with the car, she grabbed the Mace and tried to Mace him."

The neighbor said Perry then broke more windows.

Perry then tried, once again, to attack her boyfriend.

"She sees him, jumps back into the vehicle and again chases him in the vehicle and tried to run him down," Constable Ken Jones said.

A protective order has been issued to keep Perry away from the man, and a warrant has been issued for her arrest.

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