Win lifetime festival tickets by naming baby 'Texas Renaissance'

Winner gets 3 lifetime passes, $1,000 savings bond for baby

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TODD MISSION, Texas - Would you like to get into the Texas Renaissance Festival free for the rest of your life? All you have to do is give up your newborn baby's name.

The festival's "Heir to the Throne" contest is challenging parents to work in the words "Texas Renaissance" into their baby's name.

The winner will get three lifetime passes -- two for the parents and one for the baby -- and a $1,000 savings bond for the child.

"Texas" and "Renaissance" may be used as a first name or a combination of both first and middle names. They must be used in order. For example, "Renaissance Texas Smith" wouldn't be eligible to win the prize.

To enter, parents need to explain why they want to name their child after the Texas Renaissance Festival, what the festival means to their family and how "Texas Renaissance" will be incorporated into their child's name.

Visit the Texas Renaissance Festival's website for information about how to submit an application.

The festival will review submissions and pick one winner. Before the prize is handed out, the parents will have to present a legal birth certificate showing the name.

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