Wife Testifies Again In Husband's Murder Trial

HOUSTON - The current wife and former mistress of a man accused of killing his pregnant wife took the stand in his defense Tuesday, about two weeks after she was a witness for the prosecution, KPRC Local 2 reported.

Prosecutor Kelly Siegler slammed a stack of hundreds of flirtatious e-mails in front of Heather Scott Temple.

She sent the e-mails to married men she worked with at Alief Hastings's ninth grade campus, including defendant David Temple.

Siegler got Scott Temple to admit on the stand that Temple family members, who loved Belinda Temple, did not accept Scott Temple until many months into the relationship.

Siegler got into a 10-minute heated exchange with defense attorney Dick DeGuerin. The judge ended up sending the jury on a break after DeGuerin repeatedly requested a mistrial, which was denied.

David Temple, 39, was charged with murder in 2004 in connection with the killing of his wife, Belinda Temple, 30. She was eight months pregnant when she was shot in a bedroom closet in her home in the 22500 block of Round Valley Drive on Jan. 11, 1999.

David Temple and Heather Scott were married a few years after Belinda Temple's death.

Scott Temple was called as a prosecution witness on Oct. 25. She admitted she had a sexual affair with David Temple while he was married. David Temple spent New Year's with her while he had told Belinda Temple he was on a hunting trip.

DeGuerin was visibly angered when he called Scott Temple's former roommate as a witness and learned she was not there. She was unable to get a baby sitter for her child.

It is not known if David Temple will take the stand in his own defense.

If convicted of murder, David Temple could face from five years to 99 years in prison.

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