Wife demands money from cheating husband over his sex tape, police say

By Aaron Barker - Senior Digital Editor

HOUSTON - The wife of a man who made a sex tape with his mistress earlier this year used the video to get money from her husband, according to court documents.

Leslie Hippensteel and Saul Eisenberg are charged with unlawful distribution of visual material in connection with the case.

According to the documents, Hippensteel’s husband and Eisenberg’s girlfriend had an affair. During the affair, the husband and girlfriend made two video recordings of themselves having sex. The husband emailed the videos to himself in order to save them.

Hippensteel discovered the recordings and confronted her husband about them, according to the documents. Investigators said she told him that if he didn’t pay her, she would send the videos to his employer, a Christian school in the Houston area.

According to the documents, bank records showed that the husband paid his wife more than $7,800 in the hope of preventing her from disseminating the videos. However, the video was sent to her husband’s employer and to Eisenberg, the boyfriend of her husband’s mistress.

A fake email account was created and used to upload the sex tape to a pornographic website, investigators said.

Hippensteel's husband resigned from his job at the school to avoid being fired, according to the documents.

Eisenberg, who was in a custody battle with his girlfriend, sent the videos via text message to his mother and stepfather, according to the documents.

"I sent it to my parents because I thought it was important they see what kind of people are raising my son.  Everything I've done has only been in the best interest of my son," Eisenberg told KPRC 2 on Thursday.

Eisenberg's lawyer said his client is a victim and shouldn't be charged with any crime.

Eisenberg's next court date is Dec. 20. If convicted, he could face up to one year in prison.

Hippensteel appeared in court on Friday. She was ordered to have no contact with anyone in the case. She and her attorney declined comment to KPRC 2 News.

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