When Hurricane Watch Is Issued

A hurricane watch means hurricane conditions pose a possible threat to the area within 36 hours.

  • Frequently monitor radio, TV, or hurricane hotline telephone numbers for official bulletins of the storm's progress.
  • Fuel and service family vehicles.
  • Inspect and secure mobile home tie downs. Prepare to cover all window and door openings with shutters or plywood.
  • Store and secure outdoor lawn furniture and other loose, lightweight objects, such as garbage cans, garden tools, potted plants, etc.
  • Help your animals avoid shattering glass and falling objects. Don't place your pet's bed below windows or shelving.
  • Check food and water supplies. Have clean, air-tight containers on hand to store at least two weeks of drinking water (about 14 gallons per person). Stock up on can provisions. Get camping stove with fuel.
  • Keep a small cooler with frozen gel packs handy for packing refrigerated items.
  • Check prescription medicines -- obtain at least 10 days supply.
  • Stock up on extra batteries for radios, flashlights, and lanterns and check for ample first aid supplies.
  • Have extra supply of cash on hand.

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