What we know about charges against woman with 'F Trump' sticker on truck

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter, Aaron Barker - Senior Digital Editor

ROSENBERG, Texas - Karen Fonseca owns a truck that has gotten a lot of attention ever since Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy  Nehls featured it in a Facebook post.

The picture of Fonseca’s truck focused on a decal on the rear window that read, “F*** Trump, and f*** you for voting for him.”

Karen Cook Fonseca via CNN

Anti-Trump decal on truck

In his Facebook post on Wednesday, Nehls said that he wanted to talk to the owner of the truck and that prosecutors may charge the owner with disorderly conduct. Fonseca said she had no desire to talk to the sheriff.

On Thursday, Nehls deleted the post. That was also when Fort Bend County District Attorney John Healey said he would not accept charges, considering what he knew about the case.

Later, Fonseca was arrested on what deputies said was an outstanding warrant charging her with fraud.

Here’s what we know about those charges:

When did the alleged crime take place? 

Court documents showed the alleged crime happened in March and April of 2014. 

When was the charge filed?

The charge was filed in July 2017, after the case went before a Fort Bend County grand jury.  

Who issued the warrant?

The Rosenberg Police Department said it issued the warrant. A police spokesman said the office did not contact the Sheriff’s Office about the warrant. Instead, he said, the Police Department said sheriff’s deputies served the warrant of their own accord. Rosenberg police said they would have served their own warrant.

Did Fonseca know there was a warrant for her arrest?  

"I turned around and he said, 'I have a warrant,'” Fonseca said Thursday. “I go, ‘(Can) I see it?’ and ‘What is it for?’ and I said, ‘I've never even known I had one.’"

Fonseca said she believed the arrest was in retaliation for her political decal. Nehls said that was not true.

How long did she spend in jail?

Fonseca said she spent about four hours in jail Thursday.  

Did Nehls know Fonseca before this incident?  

The sheriff said he did not know Fonseca, but he confirmed that she worked at the Fort Bend County Jail from 2014 to 2015.

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