What do to if your Facebook account is hacked

HOUSTON - What can you do if your Facebook account is hacked? There are a few steps to follow to try to regain control of your account.

You need to think clearly and move fast.

According to Facecrooks.com, the first thing you need to do is try to reclaim your account. You can type in "my account has been hacked" in the help center to secure your account. Once you do that, Facebook will give you more information to keep the account yours.

Change your password -- especially if you use the same password on other accounts, such as email and banking sites.

You will probably want to scan your computer. It is possible that whoever hacked your account may have used a virus or other malware to get into your computer.

Check your Facebook apps for rogue apps – ones that exist only to get inside your account and steal your personal information. If you find any suspicious apps, remove them immediately and change your password again.

Be sure to tell your family and friends what happened. The hacker could use your account to send them malicious links to phish for their personal information, too.

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