What are hottest jobs for 2013?

By Andy Cerota - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - There is good news if you're looking for a job or a career change in Houston. The Greater Houston Partnership has unveiled its list of the hottest jobs in Houston for 2013.

If you're looking for a job in construction, you're definitely going to like the forecast. While the industry has slowed in recent years, it's well on its way to making a big comeback. 

In Houston's booming construction industry, the slogan "help wanted" has a whole new meaning. Construction is now the single fastest-growing job generator in the region.

"The way we quantify it is contracted dollars," said Bob Flowers of J-E Dunn Construction.

Flowers said companies may be working smarter with leaner workforces but expects the new year to bring more opportunity. Health care construction is 30 percent of his company's business. It increased three-fold from 2011.

"The work is probably not going to come to them. They have to go find the jobs, and that means going and talking to different sub-contracting trades," Flowers said.

While construction leads the pack in 2013 for job growth, health care, along with leisure and hospitality, are not far behind.

The outlook is encouraging for places like the Texas Medical Center and Galveston.

Stable oil prices, construction at area chemical plants and a strong demand for housing are driving the job growth.

"I think that would be great for the economy right now because everything is so expensive and people are not earning that much money at their jobs," Houstonian Sara Gonzalez said.

Eli Obregon said the news has him thinking about a career change.

"You can learn new skills and keep applying them," said Obregon.

The Houston area has recovered some 200,000 jobs overall since the recession ended. If the job forecast holds true, by the end of December 2013, the 10-county Houston metro area will have created around 76,000 new jobs.

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