West Nile threat not hampering holiday plans

Harris County to spray for mosquitoes Sunday night

HOUSTON - The holiday weekend means many Houstonians will be spending time outdoors. But one thing on the minds of many is the mosquito problem, and the ongoing West Nile virus threat.

Harris County plans on spraying in 17 different neighborhoods Sunday night.

"We're really trying to stay away early in the morning or late in the evening," said Jarka Pharis, a mother of two.

As of August 31 there have been 30 confirmed West Nile cases in Houston and Harris County combined, with three deaths.

"I just spray everybody," said Pharis.

Pharis said spraying is the the best defense for her little ones to be able to have some outside time.

"We try to get outside every weekend. I'm a working mom. You don't want to limit them to just being indoors," Pharis said.

The threat of West Nile didn't keep another group from their tradition of coming to Memorial Park every Sunday.

"There's so many different things that could happen, to me mosquitoes are the least of my worries," said Ariana Azimi.

If you are spending time outside experts recommend using a repellant with Deet and reapplying if you're outside for more than an hour.