West Houston community considering bike, trike and skateboard ban

HOUSTON - A proposal to ban children from riding any kind of wheeled vehicle or toy could have a big impact on how children are allowed to play outside in one west Houston community.

The Memorial Drive Townhouse Condominium Association is calling for a meeting of all of its residents and renters. A flier sent out Friday indicated that the main topic of discussion will be banning children from riding any kind of wheeled vehicle or toy within the Memorial Drive community.

"It's over the top, it's not necessary," said resident Taylor Dull.

Dull doesn't have children but believes children should be allowed to play outside without restrictions.

"They're not in anyone's way, they're just being kids," said Dull.

However, the flier says recent safety issues have sparked a need for the discussion to ban wheeled vehicles and toys.

The flier states that children are speeding around the sidewalks with complete disregard for those walking, walking their dogs and exiting their unit.

It is not clear if the proposed ban would extend to bicycles or just scooters, skateboards and big wheels.

"Kids are kids, we did that growing up," resident Katherine Shares said. "It's the risk that parents and kids take, it shouldn't be banned."

KPRC Local 2 put in a call to Genesis Community Management, which works with the board of the privately-owned Memorial Drive Townhouse Condominiums.

The meeting is scheduled to take place on July 10 at the condominium clubhouse.

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