Tornado carries receipt nearly 100 Miles

Receipt (WCBD/NBC News)

(WCBD/NBC News) As South Carolina residents continue to clean up after Monday’s severe weather one couple has made an unbelievable discovery: a 55-year-old church receipt somehow ended up on their front porch.

“My heart just stopped. I thought, how is this even possible?,” says Lake Moultrie resident Sherri Sedgewick.

The slip is dated April 11th, 1965. Almost exactly 65 years to the date. The $10.20 receipt is made out to the Nixville Baptist Church.

Sedgewick says the church is located over 90 miles from their home in Cross, South Carolina.

“It’s pretty incredible that this tiny piece of paper–it’s about, maybe a 1 by 2 piece of paper, and there’s not a mark on it. And really, it was just barely damp,” she says.

She wonders if the delivery of the tiny time capsule could be seen as a sign from above.

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