Weekend of remembrance being held for 4 fallen Houston firefighters

Firefighters lost their lives 1 year ago Southwest Inn fire

By Keith Garvin - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - A weekend of remembrance for the four brave firefighters who lost their lives one year ago in the Southwest Inn fire began 750 miles from Houston.

More than 30 riders -- fellow firefighters -- cycled into the city on the Brotherhood Ride to honor our four fallen and 15 others from other parts of Texas who also died in the line of duty.

"No matter how bad the day is when you're biking, no matter if you're sick or you're tired. it's trivial compared to what the families have been through,"said rider Lieutenant David Halleman.

The cyclists stopped by Station 51, home to Captain Matthew Renaud and Engineer Operator Robert Bebee. Later they rode to Station 68 where firefighters Robert Garner and Anne Sullivan served. At both fire houses members of the community joined firefighters in a wreath-laying ceremony to mark the tragic day.

"As you watch us go through this as a family, just think about your own family and take a minute to hug your loved ones and really be thankful that they're in your lives," HFD Chief Garrison told Local 2.

Also part of the day: Family members. Sabina Bebee was Robert Bebee's mother. She said the past year without her son has been a hard one, but she and the other families said they've been comforted by the overwhelming support of the community and fellow firefighters.

"It seemed like every time I was about to crumble, my phone, a text," Bebee said, as she reflects on the past year. "I'd be at a grocery store and firefighters would be outside waiting and we'd hug and we'd just cry. It hasn't been lonely. It hasn't been lonely. We've been very blessed."

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