Weatherman Jim Cantore knees college kid on live television

College kid video-bombs Jim's liveshot in Charleston

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HOUSTON - Trending today on social media is the 'kick' heard 'round the globe.

While reporting in Charleston, The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore, gets ambushed by a college student on LIVE television.

Not skipping a beat, he reports the weather, and knees the guy effortlessly. Then, the college kid swiftly runs off and out of the frame.

If there's one message heard on Twitter today, it's, "Don't mess with Jim Cantore."

@JoseMedinaJr tweets:
Don't mess w/ meteorologists. Guy Tries To Attack Jim Cantore During Live Shot, Immediately Regrets It

@NelsonAspen tweets:
Warning: Do not Video-Bomb tough as nails Meteorologist Jim Cantore when he's doing a live shot!


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