Ways to protect your car, items inside from thieves

Police demonstrate at Memorial Park how quickly one can become a victim

HOUSTON - It's a crime that can happen in a matter of seconds: A crook approaches a car, breaks in and takes off with whatever they can grab.

However, there many ways to help protect your car and the items that are inside.

Police staged an example of the crime at Memorial Park to demonstrate just how quickly people can become a victim.

"It's the one crime that is 100 percent preventable," said Houston Police Officer Jay Roberts. "Citizens need to help us by not leaving belongings in vehicles."

But we do, especially while heading out for a quick workout at Memorial Park. You may leave items locked up in plain sight inside of your car, and as soon as your leave, the valuables can be stolen.

"There's something covered up in the back floorboard here, like they are trying to conceal a purse or something of value on the back floorboard," said Roberts.

Roberts confronted the owner who left a tennis racket, a duffle bag, headphones and a purse in plain sight.

Cassandra McAfee said she's usually very cautious, especially since her car was broken into before.

"That's a good thing you're doing because a lot of people are not aware of that," said McAfee.

What one should do is put values in the trunk before you arrive, as this is one crime you have control over. Doing so can help this from becoming the number one crime occurring in the city.

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