Waves of heavy rain drift from Gulf Coast into western counties

By Justin Stapleton - KPRC Weekend Meteorologist

HOUSTON - We've been keeping an eye on some of our recent weather models that have been trending to the potential for some localized heavy rainfall across west and southern parts of southeast Texas tonight.

Here’s what you should know about it.

What we know: 

Waves of moderate to heavy rain are drifting in from the southern coastline across Matagorda, Fort Bend and Waller counties. Around a quarter- to a half-inch of rain is falling per hour, and the storms are moving north at a decent rate.

The ground is not overly saturated at this time so we can handle a few inches of rain if that becomes the case. Some roads, however, may become very wet, so use caution when driving this evening.

According to our models, the timing on the heavy rain according to our models is from now through 2 a.m. 

What we don’t know: 

We don't know exactly where the heaviest of the rain will fall as there is some disagreement about exact locations of the heaviest waves coming through. We also have some disagreement with other weather models not indicating a chance for heavy rain in these areas tonight so we’ll continue to monitor the situation as conditions develop. 

It’s still too early to say if this additional rain will lead to any flooding concerns this evening. None of the rivers and creeks across the western counties are near flood stages so many areas can handle a few inches of rain before we run into trouble.

The bottom line:

There are still a substantial number of questions about how and if a heavy rain/potential flooding scenario will develop tonight. At this point, there is no threat of flooding in the affected areas, however, make sure you are keeping your social media accounts refreshed for our latest updates and check back here at click2houston.com for the latest information through the evening. 

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