Water surrounds homes in Matagorda County

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

MATAGORDA COUNTY, Texas - People who live in Matagorda County closely watched the weather after storms dumped a lot of rain in the area Wednesday.

Water surrounded and got into some homes there. It crept right under a house off of 2853 in Matagorda County that is built on stilts. The house was fine, but a tractor and an SUV under the home were stuck in the floodwaters.

The only way out for the owners was through the water that covers the front yard or in a boat that was tied to the front stairs.

Water surrounded other homes, like off of Highway 71 in Midfield.

"I figure about a foot of rain probably in six hours. So, two inches per hour," said Vincent Nemec.

He and his wife watched the water rise Wednesday around his childhood home.

"Just gonna have to watch it on an hour by hour basis," he said. "Stopped raining now. But we hear there's going to be more rain coming tonight."

The high water crossing signs were up on Highway 35 near 71. The water has since gone down but the Tres Palacios River moved quickly.

Some people who have lived in the area said they have not seen the water this high since Hurricane Carla in 1961.

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