Watching football outside? Beware of mosquitoes

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HOUSTON - Football isn't the only season that's huge in Texas. The mosquitoes are big, too, and they are out in full force.

"We're in West Nile virus season," said Dr. Rudy Bueno, of the Harris County Public Health Department.

With thousands of fans flocking to stadiums all over the city, Bueno stresses the importance of protecting one's self.  Harris County has already has 418 positive cases found in mosquitoes since June 1.

"Night time is a time that that mosquito is the most active," said Bueno.

Harris County officials said the problem with West Nile virus is the worst it's been in years, partially due to the outbreak in Dallas. 

"We recommend repellent.  That's why we recommend wearing long-sleeve shirts, wearing pants, light-colored shirts because it really helps to minimize exposure," said Bueno.

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