WATCH: 'Saving Wildlife: From Houston to Borneo'

By Dawn Campbell - Exec. Producer, Planning/Special Events

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Meteorologist Justin Stapleton, photojournalist Allen Reid, and senior executive producer Dawn Campbell here, writing to thank you for joining us on an adventure we hope had a big impact for wildlife around the world.

WATCH: 'Saving Wildlife: From Houston to Borneo'

Did you know spending a Saturday at the Houston Zoo can save orangutans from extinction? How about that your gift shop purchase at the Houston Zoo might mean one of the rarest wild elephant populations in the world won’t disappear forever?

PHOTOS: Inside 'Saving Wildlife'

It may feel like the Bayou City is far, far away from some of the most vulnerable animal species, but little things you and your family may already be doing are helping wildlife around the world.

Back in December, we had the great privilege of traveling with our friends from the Houston Zoo to the island of Borneo. It’s the third largest island in the world.  We explored the Malaysian side of the island to learn about the animals there and to meet the men and women working day and night to save wildlife.

Now, the time has come to share our adventure with you. We’ve bundled it all up into a special that you can watch at the top of this page.

During the special, you saw how support from Houston is aiding conservation efforts that are helping orangutans, pygmy elephants, clouded leopards, wild cattle known as banteng, and the elusive pangolins which have become the most-trafficked mammal in the world. The U.S. and China are the top countries where pangolin scales and meat are sold.

Over the last few years, anchor Andy Cerota brought us “Saving Gorillas: From Houston to Rwanda” and anchor Rachel McNeill and her family experienced all the ways lemurs and people are being helped in “Saving Madagascar.”

In Borneo, a subspecies of the Sumatran rhino is already down to its last two animals, with no chance of breeding. With help, Houstonians can stop more species from ending up on the same path toward extinction.

As our new pal, Marc Ancrenaz from HUTAN told us “It’s a bit cliche, but I really believe that everyone can contribute to make a difference.” He’s right.

So go to the Zoo, visit the websites for conservation groups in Borneo found below, take simple steps at home to save wildlife, and of course watch “Saving Wildlife: From Houston to Borneo."
Together, we can make a difference!
Thanks for reading and watching.
Team Borneo:  Justin, Allen, & Dawn

Learn more about conservation efforts in Borneo

Click on any of the links below to learn more about these conservation groups and how you can get involved.

Danau Girang Field Centre

HUTAN Kinabatangan Orang-utan Conservation Programme

Borneo Rhino Alliance

You can learn about six simple things your family can do to save wildlife, at

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