Walmart guard pulls out Taser during confrontation with teens

Off-duty law enforcement officer heard on cellphone video threatening teens

HOUSTON - A parking lot confrontation at a Walmart between an off-duty police officer and several teenagers almost got violent, and it was all caught on a cellphone camera.

In the video shot early Friday at a store on Beltway 8 near Beechnut, two teenagers are heard joking around in the parking lot. One used his camera phone to record stray shopping carts and signs.

The teens were confronted by a security guard who doesn't want to be a part of their footage.

In the video, the off-duty law enforcement officer can be heard saying, "You can't do video, not at me."

The teen then responded, "No, I'm doing it of the sign, not at you. I promise."

The situation quickly escalated when the guard pulled out a Taser and asked the teens for photo identification.

One teen can be heard no the video saying, "Are you serious? You're about to tase me?"

Investigators said the guard detained the teens and called Houston police for assistance.

The Harris County District Attorney's office declined to press charges against the teens. Police said they were let go with a warning about criminal trespassing.

A Walmart representative said the incident is being investigated and the cellphone video and their own surveillance video will be reviewed.

The company asked the security company it contracts with not to schedule that guard at any of the Walmart stores until the investigation is completed.

Local 2 reached out to the security company but has not heard back yet.

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