Volunteer on mission to put flags on military vets' graves

HOUSTON - A volunteer has taken on the mission of placing flags on the graves of veterans at Houston's National Cemetery.

As Bob Fussner walked the grounds of the cemetery, he said he does it with a purpose. The third-generation, now retired Marine, said he wants to place an American flag on each grave site for Memorial Day.

The resting place for nearly 70,000 veterans and spouses, the Houston National Cemetery is the only national cemetery in the state of Texas that doesn't honor the fallen with flags on the May holiday.

"It's something that we owe our veterans," said Fussner. "Whether they died in combat, were wounded, or just served. We make a promise to these veterans that we're not going to forget them."

To reach his goal, Fussner said he needs money, volunteers and supplies.

"We're looking for 70,000 flags," said Fussner. "We need storage containers for us to be able to put them in so we can store them for the next year. We need ice chests and water."

The group organizing the flag placement on the Sunday before Memorial Day said it needs about 2,000 volunteers. Click here to help.

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