VIDEO: Smiling thieves captured on camera pilfering pool from family's backyard


OMAHA, Neb. - A 5-year-old boy in Nebraska is missing his inflatable swimming pool after the family's security camera recorded two thieves stealing it right out of their backyard. 

The theft happened on Father’s Day. 

"I actually had it notified on my phone and actually saw the whole thing live on my phone," father Brandon Turner said. "Really? Really? That's all I could think of was just -- really?"

Turner, at the zoo with his kids, watches as the pair pilfer his pool.

"I just think it's crazy people would do something like that in just, broad daylight,” Turner said. 

The thieves drained the water from the pool, making it easier to carry away. 

Now Turner’s kids have to find other ways to keep entertained in the backyard. 

"It's one thing to steal from another person because you believe you need that,” Turner said. “It's another thing to steal from children. That's their happiness right there." 

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