Video shows hair stylist shoving customer at NW Houston salon

Incident occurs after stylist turns customer's hair blue

HOUSTON - Cell phone video shows a hair stylist shoving a customer and trying to stop her from leaving after a disagreement over services at a hair salon.

For her first time at LL Hair Studio in northwest Houston, Christen Pontius hoped the stylist could turn her brown hair into platinum blond.

"I was telling her I don't care if it does not turn white," said Pontius. "Let's just get it as light as we can get it, but don't damage my hair. I was so worried about that."

Pontius said owner and stylist Hedi H. turned her hair blue instead.

"She was like, 'Oh, it'll rinse out and if it doesn't rinse out, you can come back and I'll bleach you out again,'" said Pontius.

So Pontius said she offered to pay half of the cost now and half when she returned to get her hair fixed. Pontius said that proposition sent Hedi into a rage that was captured by Pontius' husband on his cellphone.

"I just didn't like what I was seeing, so I made sure I got it on camera," said Jesse Reyes.

In the video, Hedi can be seen shoving Pontius to stop her from leaving the salon without paying.

Hedi repeatedly yells at Pontius, "Give me the money."

The confrontation then spills into the parking lot with Hedi blocking Pontius' car door.

WATCH: Raw cell phone video

Talking to Local 2, Hedi defended her actions, saying the blue hair had an easy fix.

"With a little bit of bleach and shampoo, it comes right out," said Hedi.

Hedi said she got angry because Pontius did not want to pay for any part of the service.

"You come here trying to steal my product, try to walk out, I have to stop you," said Hedi.

Hedi said she has no regrets about putting her hands on Pontius.

The Harris County Sheriff's Office said deputies were called to the salon and wrote down a complaint from Pontius. Deputies said no one was arrested and the parties agreed to resolve the matter through civil means.

Pontius said she felt pressured by a deputy to pay the money, so she gave Hedi $110 for the services even though she was not satisfied with her blue hair.

Hedi also said the deputies made Pontius pay for the services. Deputies said they have no record of making Pontius pay Hedi.

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