VIDEO: Mild-mannered man body slams robber in attempted bank heist

SCOTT TOWNSHIP, Pa. - Police in Pennsylvania took down a would-be bank robber Friday after a bank customer literally took the suspect down during the attempted crime.

As surveillance video shows, Robert Sakosky didn't hesitate in stopping the robbery.

The surveillance video shows Sakosky walking into the Honesdale National Bank near Montdale.

Two more people walk into the bank and remain standing near the door as they wait their turn.

Scott Township police say that's when John Ryall rushes in, wearing a mask and waving a gun to rob the place.

He gets the clerk to put money in a bag, but then suddenly, Sakosky tackles Ryall, forcing him to the floor where the two men struggle off camera.

People living and working near the bank call Sakosky a hero.

"He is exceptionally brave to have done that,” neighbor Donna Shaw said. “I certainly would not have encountered anybody with a gun, I wouldn't have tried to do it."

When the men come out of the corner, Sakosky is seen on video body slamming the robber to the floor. 

Sakosky takes the gun from the man and throws the bag of money across the room.

When Sakosky managed to get the man’s mask off, he let go. The unmasked robber ran out of the bank.

Sakosky directed police to where the robber went.

Officers were able to charge Ryall. Police say Sakosky and bank employees identified him as the robber.

Sakosky is the general manager of a local hotel. His employees say they were both shocked and proud of what he did.

"He's definitely a hero, but he's just a normal guy,” Wade Nordahl, a Carbondale Grand Hotel employee, said. “I mean, he's personable, he's a good boss, he never gets angry. I'm honestly surprised he did it."

Ryall is facing a number of charges, including robbery and making terrorist threats. He is now behind bars and is is due in court next week. 

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