Victim of violent home invasion & sexual assault speaks out

The woman said the suscpects' faces were covered with masks during the attacks

HOUSTON - A victim of a violent home invasion and sexual assault is speaking out as police continue to search for the four men who committed the crime.

Police believe the same group of men is responsible for two other attacks that also happened in southeast Houston during the last three months. Two were at apartment complexes on Broadway and another happened at a mobile home community in the 4700 block of Anderson.

A 20-year-old victim told Local 2 the men rushed into her family's home early in the morning. As she tried to call 911, two of them ran into her room.

"They were telling me to do everything they said. I could hear my mom screaming and my dad yelling in Spanish for them to take everything they want but not to hurt me... don't hurt my family," said the woman.

The woman said the suspects' faces were covered with masks during the attacks but she was able to describe one man's eyes for police. She's hopeful they will be caught soon.

"I forgive them. They can pay for it and they can go on with their lives doing good. I'm praying for them so they can change," said the woman.

She said she was sharing her story in order to help others. "It's going to take time, but we're going to get through this. This is going to help other people be more alert and be more aware," she said.

In addition to the four sketches, police also released a photo of a person of interest. LaTreyvon Rayshon Harris hasn't been charged with a crime but police would like to speak with him.

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