Vets, volunteers spruce up Garden Oaks Elementary School

HOUSTON - Volunteers and post-9/11 veterans spent the day helping others.

Dozens gathered at HISD's Garden Oaks Elementary School for a makeover Saturday.

"Felt like I won the lottery," said Principal Lindsey Pollock.

It's a blessing for principal Lindsey Pollock. Getting things cleaned, painted and spruced up makes a long to-do list that's hard to finish during school hours.

"[We're] cleaning some of our refrigerators and painting office spaces and putting in additional benches. It's really exciting," said Pollock.

The majority of volunteers are post-9/11 veterans with the group Mission Continues.

Veteran and volunteer Erika Bowen spent nine years serving in the U.S. Army.

"It's in honor of Veterans Day; we're saying thank you for all the great things given to us veterans and giving back to the community as well," said Bowen.

About 100 volunteers, both civilian and veterans, were expected to participate.

Bowen suggested that helping others is therapeutic.

"Coming back from military and war, it gives me a purpose again," said Bowen.

This is just one of several mission continues service projects taking place across the country.

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