Vet, family receive mortgage-free home from Building Homes for Heroes

The family plans to move in as soon as they get everything packed

By Gianna Caserta - Reporter

HOUSTON - It was a dream come true for a veteran and his family, who were handed the keys to their mortgage free home today.

"From the moment that we hit the street, and then the driveway and then you walk in the front door, it was just gorgeous," said Ashley Toppin, the veteran's wife.

For Andrew and Ashley Toppin, a permanent place to call home for their family, is more than they could have ever dreamed, especially after their whole world nearly was torn apart just a few years ago.

"I drove over a road side bomb and it came through, hit the center of the vehicle and the vehicle caught fire, I got out," said Andrew.

In December 2009, Andrew was wounded in Iraq. He suffered the loss of his right leg and injuries to his face, arms and left leg.

"I remember getting loaded onto the helicopter and getting transferred and I kind of passed out, and I woke up in January 2010," Andrew said.

Nearly four years later, the Toppins are grateful to have each other, their daughter and another son born in August.

Their dream of owning a home became a reality through a special partnership with Building Homes for Heroes and JP Morgan Chase & Co.

They plan to move in as soon as they get everything packed up.

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