Vehicle smashes into restaurant in Montgomery County

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas - A driver plowed into a Montgomery County restaurant, pinning one worker up against the building.

Witnesses say the driver suffered a medical emergency when she lost control of her vehicle and slammed into the Panera Bread at 3113 College Park Drive near the North Freeway.

Tuesday started out like any other day at the popular bakery. Several employees and customers were inside Tuesday morning when they suddenly heard a crash and glass shattering everywhere.

"It was quite a shock obviously then I heard my friend Antonio saying, 'Get an ambulance.' And then I looked and he was under the truck, underneath the tires," said employee David Merritt.

He says he and others rushed to help their friend and co-worker, whose legs were pinned underneath the truck.

"He was conscious for sure and he was holding rags we gave him," Merritt said.

The injured 40-year-old employee possibly suffered from two broken legs and was rushed to the hospital.

Panera employees started loading up the bread to give it away.

"Our donation partner, we don't have a way to get a hold of them so we're taking it to another location so they can pick it up tonight," said Cindy Drisaldi, district manager of Panera Bread.

The 64-year-old driver of the pickup was also rushed to the hospital. Witnesses say she was apologetic and hysterical after the accident.

"She believed she had actually killed him so she was in complete hysteria absolutely screaming, hating the moment," said Merritt.

A construction crew will begin working and the store hopes to reopen Wednesday morning.

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