Vandals damage vehicles in northwest Harris County neighborhood

Residents say damage costs about $1,000 in repairs

By Keith Garvin - Anchor/Reporter

CYPRESS, Texas - Riley and Melissa Lester woke up to walk the dog before work Wednesday morning and walked out of their northwest Harris County home to a large landscaping rock on the ground -- and then they saw the damage.

"It did so much damage to the roof the water was actually coming through where the roof met the windshield," said Melissa Lester.

Pictures show the damage someone did to their car with the rock -- a shattered windshield and partially collapsed roof. It's costing the Lesters money they don't have to spare.

"We were hoping to celebrate my wife's birthday and go on a cruise later in the year," said Riley Lester. "But those plans have been put on halt at this point."

The vandals also damaged a neighbor's windshield, with fresh blue tape marking the repair job. Residents said it's been a nice neighborhood largely filled with families, but in the last six months they've seen an increase in criminal activity.

"About six months it's been, we've had bikes stolen, people breaking in the doors, being easy," said neighbor Kevin Reece. "It's just been a little off. A little bit out of normal for this area right here."

The Lesters said Wednesday morning's incident solidified their recent decision to move. They just want others to know so neighbors can keep their eyes open and hopefully prevent another crime.

"This is a problem and this is not OK," said Melissa Lester. "It needs to be handled, and this needs to be solved and stopped."

The Lesters said the damage is costing them about $1,000 in repairs. They'll be without their vehicle for about four days.

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