Vandals damage mailboxes, street lights

More than 20 mailboxes damaged in Magnolia neighborhood

By Jennifer Bauer - Reporter

MAGNOLIA, Texas - Investigators say vandals damaged more than 20 mailboxes, some street signs and even street lights in the Lake Windcrest subdivision.

It happened sometime Thursday night in the neighborhood located near 242 and FM 1488 in Magnolia.

"It's frustrating," said Chris Opincar, a resident who had his mailbox destroyed. "Random destruction,'s not very common out here, we don't usually have problems."

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office said more than 20 mailboxes were hit, but neighbors estimate it's more like 35 or 40.

"I went back around the neighborhood and saw that from the front of the neighborhood, all the way over to ours and the rest of the people on our street were hit," said Opincar.

Opincar and others who live on Sea Mist Street suspect it's the work of teenagers. They said it's frustrating and the repairs in some cases can be costly. They're hoping police catch the culprits.

"Hopefully that will prevent further actions like this," Opincar said.

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