Texas students join nationwide protest after Donald Trump presidential victory

Photo courtesy Kevin Dural

AUSTIN - Hundreds of University of Texas students have spilled out of classrooms to march through downtown Austin in protest of Donald Trump's presidential victory.

Chanting "out of your houses and into the streets," the demonstrators spontaneously gathered on campus Wednesday.

They subsequently marched along streets near the Texas Capitol, then briefly blocked a crowded traffic bridge - their numbers growing as they went.

The Austin Police Department described it as peaceful protest of about 400 people.

Photo courtesy Kevin Dural

Many in the crowd waved hand-scrawled signs proclaiming Trump racist and anti-gay. Some of their later chants were vulgar plays on the 2005 recording where Trump bragged about groping and kissing women without their permission.

In Houston, people gathered on the campus of the University of Houston to voice their displeasure with Trump's election. Some of them held signs that called for an end to racism. They later burned an efigy of Trump.

Similar demonstrations have broken out on other college campuses since Trump won Tuesday's election. They've included an overnight march featuring hundreds of yelling, chanting students at the University of California-Los Angeles.

Warning: there may be offensive language in the live stream and in social media posts below.

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