UT mess; Texans, Astros finish line

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Time to dust off the ol' blog and fire out a new post.  Apologies for not updating this more often. I read all of your emails though and appreciate it.  As you know I'm doing a done more on twitter and Facebook these days but the Randy's Rants will come more often now that we've hit football season

Let's begin with the little Longhorns and the mess they are causing.  Nice to have your own network folks but the boys up in Austin saw the 300 million from ESPN ( who wouldn't) but failed to realize the impact it would have on them and their own league.

The Aggies were sought after by the SEC which makes sense for the Ags.  They are big boys and will do just fine over there and probably recruit even better and continue to challenge and win some battles on National Signing day.

Texas has a revenue stream no program can't even come close too.  That's not their fault but it will , most likely, cause the end to the Big 12 as we know it.

I found it amusing that the UT brass , so desperate to save the Big 12, packed up and went to OKC Sunday to hold a meeting with OU officials to beg and plead with them to stay.

The more people in Oklahoma I speak with and more reports  I read, I have a feeling OU  and OSU have their sights set on the Pac-12 once the invite is handed out.   That could go down in the next week or two.


The Longhorns are 2-0 but have been anything but impressive in wins over Rice and BYU.  They struggled against the Owls until the second half and should of lost that game to BYU but the defense stepped up while the offense sputtered.

There is a QB issue brewing on the 40 acres too.  Problem is neither Garrett Gilbert, David Ash or Case McCoy is a top tier quarterback.. It's obvious Gilbert's confidence is shot and I'm just not convinced Ash or McCoy, although good players, will ever reach the level Texas needs to compete at the top level.  Ash and McCoy will share the "co-starter" roles going to UCLA this weekend.  UCLA is no good so this should be an easy win no matter who is at quarterback.


Great news for the Texans.  Those clowns that reported WR Kevin Walter had a "broken shoulder" were a tad off the mark.  In fact there were reports locally and nationally that it was more severe until Head Coach Gary Kubiak cleared things up at his Monday newser that there was no fracture, just a bad bruise and that Walter would be checked out in a couple of days.  Kubiak didn't rule out Walter for Sunday but then again wouldn't give that away necessarily anyway on a Monday.  I expect Walter to miss Sunday's game in Miami then be ready for the Saints.  Maybe he's a quick healer. Walter doesn't wow you with stats but he's a gamer on the field and a great fit for this offense.


The Astros are in their final stretch. Currently sitting at 97 losses after they whipped Roy Oswalt and the Phillies Monday night.  I enjoyed watching that.  Roy was very moody in his final months as an Astros and selfishly demanded a trade.  That rubbed me the wrong way.  Berkman hinted at wanting a move as well and that bothered me too.  I'm not a fan of athletes who are paid well believing they are owed anything when it comes to playing for a winner.  Last I checked , the players need to look in the mirror and remember they are the ones who are expected to produce between the lines.

I'm all for Hunter Pence.  He took the high road and never complained.  No player worked harder than Hunter. I had many conversations with him past few years and at Spring Training about his work ethic and what drives him.  He's the ultimate player who wants to win.   Great thing about Hunter is he didn't whine and complain about playing for a losing organization.

He sat there, showed up to play and when the Astros moved him, he said thanks and moved on to help the Phillies. 

The Astros will lose 100 games and probably between 105-110 when it's over in a few weeks.  GM Ed Wade needs to remain on the job.  He's made strides and has a good staff (although I totally disagreed with the move to let go top scout Rusty Pendergrass. That just didn't make sense.).

I've enjoyed watching the young kids get in their everyday.  They are growing up fast but the Astros need more help.  Here's hoping the new owner won't let things remain stale for too much longer.

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