USA House in Sochi is 'safe haven' for Olympic athletes

By Rachel McNeill - Anchor

SOCHI, Russia - When the athletes aren't on the slopes or on the ice, there's a good chance they can be found at the USA House.

If you're not an Olympian or related to an Olympian there's a good chance you'll never see what's inside, but our Rachel McNeill got a sneak peek.

It's considered one of the most exclusive invitations at the Olympics, but we were able to get inside to give you a rare look at the USA House in Sochi.

The U.S. Olympic Committee Hospitality House, in the middle of the Olympic Park in Sochi, is a getaway for athletes, their families, international Olympic committee members and sponsors.

"So this is the place where friends, families, athletes can come and meet and greet and have lunch dinner and get away from the hubbub of the park," said Peter Zeyhoonjian, Manager of Products & Events at USA House.

Hospitality is the name of the game here. There are toasts for medal winners, a full spread of gourmet meals and snacks and wall-to-wall hi-def TVs so you don't miss a moment of the Olympic action.

Most importantly though it provides a place where athletes can reconnect with their families after so much time away training.

"It's very important for the athletes to get a little down time so we try to make this a safe haven for them," said Zeyhoonjian.

You won't believe what people will do to try to get in here -- staff here told us the other day they caught a couple of people trying to sneak in through the kitchen.

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