UPS: Thousands of Christmas gifts won't be delievered in time

UPS backlogged

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UPS -- Dec. 22 (2nd Day Air), Dec. 23 (Next Day Air)

DALLAS - The UPS is apologizing to customers tonight, after telling them thousands of holiday gifts won't make it in time for Christmas.

The Dallas UPS region has yet to catch up after winter storms shut down most of the city in early December. That created a backlog of packages, some of which were ordered 23 stays ago.

One of those customers waiting for their package to be delivered is Jeff Hayes. "It's terribly disappointing," said Hayes.

Hayes says he ordered his package back on Dec. 1. 

"The people inside that building say they can't find them, because there's a thousand packages on pallets on there," said Hayes.

Even though UPS is backlogged they will not be delivering packages on Christmas, and will resume deliveries the following day. Although UPS says they will have extra hands at distribution facilities sorting packages on Christmas.

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