UPS driver caught on tape stealing gift

HOUSTON - A surveillance video caught a UPS driver stealing a package from a northwest Harris County front porch shortly after it was delivered by Fed Ex.

Al Alverson's home security camera system recorded the incident on Wednesday.

Alverson said the video shows the Fed Ex deliveryman leave a new iPad mini on his doorstop -- a Christmas present for Alverson's daughter.

Later that same day, a UPS deliveryman showed up at Alverson's house with a package. He got no answer when he rang the doorbell so he left the package and walked away.

But the security video showed the UPS driver did not leave. A couple of minutes later, he came back, picked up the iPad and walked off.

Alverson posted the video on YouTube Wednesday night. On Thursday morning, a deputy and an investigator from UPS were at his house. By the afternoon, he had his daughter's iPad back.

UPS tracked down the driver. They said he was a seasonal employee who has been fired.

Officials said the driver gave back the package he swiped off Alverson's doorstep. In return, Alverson said he would not press charges.

Alverson also has removed the video from YouTube.

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