UPDATE: 4 arrested in Montrose church theft

By Andy Cerota - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - Four people were arrested after authorities recovered $20,000 worth of stolen equipment from a Montrose area church.

Local 2 first reported Tuesday that surveillance cameras at an A-Alamo mini storage facility captured video of a truck driving away with the mobile church's brand new trailer early Saturday morning.

The driver of that truck was also caught on camera as he punched in the security code to gain access to the property.

"I got a still picture off of it and we out that still picture on Facebook and just asked people to share it," said Chris Parrott, pastor of the Canvas Church.

Someone living in the 1200 block of Chalk Rock near Greens and Ella recognized the man's picture from Facebook and alerted authorities.

Police said four people were arrested, including 32-year-old Glen Newton, 24-year-old Kyle Ganley, 26-year-old Rachel Lambright and 21-year-old Ashley Gerdes. They have all been charged with theft.

"Honestly, we were not expecting to recover anything but we thought doing something is better than not doing anything," said Parrott.

The stolen items were being stored in a garage. Items included chairs, sound equipment and children's ministry equipment.

"We're just thankful for what we were able to recover," said Parrott. "Those are resources that can now be directed to the community.

The pastor said the trailer and a few odds and ends are still missing. Parrott said he doesn't recognize the two men who were taken into custody and doesn't know why anyone would target his church.

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