U of H investigates alleged sex assault

Officials: Student never reported incident

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HOUSTON - Officials with the University of Houston said they're investigating an alleged sexual assault on campus.

University police said they have a suspect in the case. The suspect has been barred from campus pending further investigation, officials said.

According to the university's website, the alleged incident happened October 16 near the Moody Towers.

"I think it's scary, being a woman, that happened on campus," said Heather Howes, a student at the university. "The fact that we've had a lot of incidents on campus. But I'm sure our police force is working hard on it."

School officials said the victim never reported the incident to police. Instead, they were made aware of it from a letter delivered by the U.S. Postal Service, officials said. The school did not indicate what was written or who sent the letter.

Howes said there may be good reason the alleged victim didn't speak up.

"It can be scary. You don't know if she was threatened," said Howes. "It can deter you from speaking up for fear of other harm being done to you."

Howes said she's extra cautious when it comes to her own safety on campus.

"I have pepper spray and I've taken self defense classes," Howes said. "And you always walk in groups."

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