Typo found on Texan T-shirt at Old Navy stores

Shirt reads '1961 AFC Champions'

HOUSTON - The Houston Texans franchise won its first ever playoff game last season, but according to a new T-shirt being sold at Old Navy stores, the team also won the 1961 AFC Championship.

"It seems kind of crazy," Texans fan Jeff Richied said. "Doesn't make any sense."

The shirt featuring the Texans logo and team name says: 1961 AFC Champions.

The problem is the Texans didn't win that game because the franchise didn't exist until 2002.

There's also another historical inaccuracy found on the shirt. Back in 1961, there was no AFC (American Football Conference). The conference wouldn't exist until a decade later when the AFL merged with the NFL.

The Houston Oilers were the true champions of the AFL that season, defeating the Chargers 10-3.

All of the Oilers' records and accomplishments now belong to the Titans franchise after the team moved from Houston to Tennessee in 1997.

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