Two off-duty nurses help man struck by vehicle

The two women jumped in to save a complete stranger

HARRIS COUNTY - Their job is to provide care and comfort to patients recovering in the hospital. But two local hospital workers -- off the clock and miles away from their hospital -- jumped in to help save a complete stranger who'd just been hit by a car.

It was an ordinary day on her way to work when a St. Luke's Hospital nurse pulled over to save a life.

"I saw someone lying on the ground and stopped to see if I can help," said Alisa Henley, Registered Nurse at St. Luke's Hospital in The Woodlands.

On her way to work at around 6am Thursday, she saw an accident. Harris County sheriff's deputies say a silver Infiniti hit a pedestrian crossing the road in the 5000 block of Louetta near Kuykendahl.

"There was another person who had already stopped; her name was Brenda Bidum from Conroe Regional Hospital. She had already determined the patient didn't have a pulse. She rolled him over and started the CPR and we worked together until ambulance crews got there," Henley said.

Deputies say the pedestrian was in his early 20's and suffered critical injuries.

"I'd say we worked on him probably 15 minutes before they actually got him in the back of the ambulance," said Henley.

Deputies say if it weren't for the two women, two good Samaritans, the pedestrian may not have made it.

"I've stopped once or twice before but nothing on this level," said Henley. "I am just glad he was able to be saved. I hope everything turns out OK for him."

The pedestrian was airlifted to Memorial Hermann Hospital.

Deputies said the driver will not face any charges in this accident.

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