Twins turn heads at Astros-Rangers game

One loves the Astros, the other loves the Rangers

By Erica Young

Carlos and Jorge Martinez

HOUSTON - They might look alike, but Jorge and Carlos Martinez have very different feelings about baseball in Texas. One of the identical twins is a die-hard Astros fans. The other loves the Rangers.

Jorge and Carlos Martinez were born and raised in Laredo. They still live there today. As kids, when it came time to choose an allegiance to a baseball team, Jorge was drawn to the Astros. Carlos went with the Rangers. 

The twins' love for their teams is so strong, they drove all the way from Laredo to Minute Maid Park on Sunday to see their teams face off. 

Jorge wore wore his World Series Champions shirt and Astros cap. Carlos was sporting his Rangers gear. 

Carlos came away with the bragging rights for this meeting. The Rangers got the best of the Astros, winning 3 to 1 in extra innings.

Turns out, this is not the only big issue these twins disagree on -- they differ on the political front as well.

Without revealing which side of the aisle each leans, Jorge said: "We actually argue more about politics than baseball."

Something they do agree on: basketball and football. Both are Spurs and Cowboys fans. Ummmm, anyway to convince them to switch over to the Rockets and Texans?

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