TSU hands down punishments for band hazing incidents

10 students suspended, scholarships lost

HOUSTON - A Texas Southern University Management Task Force has laid down some stiff penalties against members of the university's Ocean of Soul Marching Band who were involved in hazing.

Ten student members found guilty of hazing were immediately suspended from the university, in addition, they are permanently removed from the university band.

According to the university, all guilty students will have their band scholarships revoked. Some of the those band scholarships could be as much as $10,000 a year, according to the university.

"I wouldn't say this is something that should chance TSU's rich legacy," said student Serena Williams.

The university will consider lifting suspensions for those members not involved, but with restrictions.

The university has canceled performances at a Thanksgiving Day Parade and has removed itself from the competition for the Battle of the Bands in Atlanta.

Band members will also have to perform community service, including anti-hazing workshops at area high schools and at community events.

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