Truck stolen with child asleep inside

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

HOUSTON - An 8-year-old boy is safe after he was in his uncle's pickup when it was stolen Monday night.

His uncle, Craig Hooks, said he was unloading groceries from his 2012 Chevy Silverado pickup in front of his home on Reed Road in southeast Houston at 6:45 p.m.

He said it was stolen when he was inside the house. But his 8-year-old nephew was asleep in the backseat.

"I heard screech...and they took off in the truck," Hooks said. "I said that's my truck. Go in my other car. My friend. I said, my nephew is in there. I just freaked out."

He said the thief apparently had no idea young Taylor was in the backseat. 

Taylor told Local 2 he woke up as the pickup took off. 

"I thought they was going to take me," he said

Taylor said the thief drove about a block into the neighborhood, forced him out, pointed him towards home, picked up another man and took off. Hooks and his friend circled the block looking for Taylor. 

"It took a lot from me," Taylor said. "I was speechless. I didn't know whether to go left, right, east, west, north or south. When they told me he was!"

Taylor safely found his way home. However, his uncle's pickup was still missing.

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