Trick-or-treater, 5, hit by vehicle and killed in SW Houston

Girl struck in neighborhood at Boone Road and Pompano Lane

HOUSTON - A 5-year-old girl died Thursday night after police say she was hit by a car in southwest Houston.

The incident happened around 8:30 p.m. Thursday in a neighborhood at Boone Road and Pompano Lane.

Police said  Naima Williams darted away from her mother and into the street while trick-or-treating. A 65-year-old man driving a minivan  tried to stop, but could not avoid  hitting the girl.

He stayed at the scene and an ambulance was called.

Witness Helton Motin said her heard the car brakes and the girl scream.

When rescue crews arrived, they performed CPR on the girl and rushed her to Memorial Hermann Hospital where she died.

Police are calling the incident a tragic accident. Officials said the driver showed no signs of impairment or intoxication. He was questioned  and then released.

Williams' family said the 5-year-old was a kindergartner at Chambers Elementary.

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