Trial for man accused of killing Pasadena couple begins

By Samantha Ptashkin - Reporter

HOUSTON - Opening statements began Tuesday in the trial of a man accused of killing a couple and shooting their teenage son in the head when he walked in on the crime.

The son survived the shooting that happened nearly six years ago in Pasadena.

It was an emotional start to the trial for the victims' friends and family. Many of them left the courtroom in tears Tuesday, after seeing photos of the crime scene.

Accused killer Jorge Alberto Amezquita sat without expression in court Tuesday more than six years after he allegedly killed Leo Gomez and his wife inside their Pasadena home.

Police say Amezquita, who was a friend of the family, also used video game cords to tie up the couple's teenage son when he came into the home.

The son survived a shooting to his head, but can't remember what happened.

In opening statements prosecutors told jurors Amezquita left town the day of the murders and changed his name. They pointed out his DNA was found on the game cord wrapped around the son.

But defense attorneys countered, saying it's not illegal to move or change your name and that the DNA found on the cord could have been there before the murders, since Amezquita had been to the family's home before.

The court also heard from four witnesses, including two members of the Pasadena Police Department who responded to the murder scene and two of the teenage son's friends who were waiting for the boy outside when he was shot.

They told police a man wearing a shirt over his face came out of the house and pointed a gun at them.

But Tuesday both witnesses said they could not identify that person.

Amezquita faces two counts of capital murder.

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