Trending Now: 'Twitter Made Me Realize'

Hashtag asks you to look inside your social self

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HOUSTON - It's not surprising to see a celebrity or a big news story trending on Twitter, however, it's always a fun discovery when you see something like #TwitterMadeMeRealize. What does that even MEAN? Curiosity got the best of me so "a clicking" I did.

The hashtag means what it says. It asks the question, "What has Twitter made you realize?" So, let's get personal. Here's what Twitter made ME realize:

  • Twitter made me realize just how "wordy" I really am. Those 140 characters just aren't enough for me.
  • Twitter made me realize how a breaking news story can come to life through tweets and pictures.
  • Twitter made me realize objects can become people. You remember the @SuperDomeLights and the @SistineSeagull right?
  • Twitter made me realize there's a place for social geeks like me.
  • Twitter made me realize there really is power in numbers. Just look at #SaveSaeed video below.

Save Saeed

What has Twitter made YOU realize? Leave me a comment or tweet to me @SaraKPRC.

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