Trap set at Highlands Ranch after death of 8 miniature horses

HOUSTON - A trap has been set after the deaths of eight miniature horses at Highlands ranch.

The owner believes roaming dogs are to blame and said they have been terrorizing her livestock for more than a month.

Jeanne McClanahan has about a hundred miniature horses and Shetland Ponies at Lil Darling Ranch and knows each one by name.

"These horses are my life. I spend every day with my horses. They are my babies, literally. Most of the horses I have raised from babies," said McClanahan.

Since Thanksgiving, McClanahan says three dogs have killed four ponies and injured four others so badly they had to be put down.

"We've lost almost $18,000 worth of horses so far," said McClanahan.

A donkey also had to be euthanized and another is still recovering after having its ear almost ripped off.

"I sleep with the window open on the house... so if something is out there I can hear it and have a chance at least to get out there before they get hurt," said McClanahan.

McClanhan has filed a report with the Harris County Sheriff's Office. Harris County Animal Control officers have come out several times, leaving a live trap in an effort to catch the dogs.

Neighbors have also reported seeing the dogs and told officers they don't appear to be strays. No one knows who the dogs may belong to and exactly where they are coming from.

"Sometimes people move out to the country and think they can just let their dogs run loose. They can't... especially if they go after somebody's livestock," said McClanahan.

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